Dynamo: How to get the window orientation angle

After publishing my previous post “Dynamo: How to get the window orientations”, I got a question of one of our resellers if it was possible to get the angle of the windows relative to the south, according to the Belgian standards. Following these standards, the orientation of a window is calculated relative to the south. All windows orientated towards the west side will have positive angles and all windows orientated to the east will have negative angles.


windoworientation sample.PNG

Another demand was to do this not only for windows, but also for all exterior walls and doors (not the interior wall and doors).

Using nodes from packages the script can be made simplier but my personal challenge was to use standard Dynamo nodes as much as possible.

All went well except for getting the orientation of the wall. In Dynamo you can get the centerline of the wall and get the normal of this line but this will not take into account if the wall was flipped or not. There for I was forced to use a node from a package. In this case I copied some code from the excellent Clockwork package from  Andreas Dieckmann.
Credits to him for getting the wall orientation correctly!!!

Although this script is not yet tested in a production environment, I want to share it: Download here





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