BIM 360 DOCS: Changed permission model

Yesterday I received the VERY good news that the permission model in BIM 360 Docs has been changed.

Before the minimum level you could use in any BIM 360 Docs folder was “Publish” and then on a higher level you got “Publish+View” followed by “Publish+View+Edit” and “Publish+View+Edit+Control”.


This meant that when you wanted to assign only view rights to a user (I think  between 25% and 50% of the BIM 360 Docs users are just viewers), this user always had the rights to publish documents as well. In my humble opinion it does not make a lot of sense when the user with the lowest permissions can also upload data and thus changing your project.

But now it works in a more “natural” way. And it is very flexible as well.


Well on the lowest level you can now choose if a user may only upload documents but not see them nor edit them:


Or you can give him “View” only rights without giving him rights to upload documents:


Do you want the user to upload and view documents?  Well that’s the next permission level:


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