Revit: Warning: Default Center-To-Center positioning will be used

There are several ways to link a geo-referenced drawing (like one from Civil 3D).
You can start a new Revit project, link the DWG, move/rotate it in place and then you could use “Acquire Coordinates” to move the Revit’s survey point to the origin of the DWG.

But what if you already configured the shared coordinates in Revit and you want to link the drawing (using the same coordinates) afterwards.

Here you see an example of an already configured shared coordinate system by using the survey point and project base point.


In that case you link the drawing using the “Auto – By Shared Coordinates” positioning.


First Revit will tell you that this drawing does not share the same coordinate system.


This does not mean that the coordinates are different but it means that Revit’s shared coordinates are not yet tied to the drawing coordinate system (or vice versa).
Because there is not yet a known positioning for this drawing, Revit will switch to another behavior: Revit will align the drawing on the shared coordinates. This means among other that the drawing origin will be put on the Revit’s shared coordinates origin.

And this is exactly what we want!!!!!


But then suddenly you get the error that Revit cannot do that and that he will put the center of the drawing to the center of the Revit project.



Well there are several good reasons. One of them is that the extents of the drawing are too large. But in that case he would give me another error like “Imported objects located a large distance from the model might not display properly.  The “Center-to-Center” option will be used.”.

Also when you look at my drawing the extents are quite small (units are metric):


So my question “Why?” is not yet solved.

Well the reason is quite nasty: the view range of the active Revit view.

When the “Top” of the view range is lower than the lowest point of your CAD geometry Revit will give you the above error and will center-to-center the drawing.


So the solution is to higher the view range “Top” (e.g. use “Unlimited”) or link your drawing in a 3D view.



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