Navisworks: problem with Revit IFC: not all elements are visible

Just got a problem with an IFC file created from Revit. One of my customers send me an email telling me that, after loading the IFC in Navisworks 2017, he couldn’t see all objects.
Surprisingly, when I opened the same IFC file in my Navisworks 2017 (same version, same update releases as the customer) I could see all the objects.

Customers view: not all objects are visible
My view: all objects are visible

This looks like a mystery: both of us using the same Revit project, the same Revit version, the same IFC export settings, the same IFC exporter version and the same Navisworks version and update releases…

But the solution is quite simple. From Navisworks 2017.1 Autodesk introduced a new IFC loader which is still optional in 2017. In future releases this will become the default choice.

My Navisworks was configured to use the new IFC Loader. The customer still used the “old” IFC loader:



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