Bim 360 Docs: New RFI workflows

A RFI (Request for information) in BIM 360 Docs is a formal communication between stakeholders.
After the creator (for example a subcontractor) added a RFI, the manager (for example the project manager) will receive an email. The manager can deny or approve the RFI so that the RFI will be send to the reviewer (e.g. the architect).

The reviewer will formulate an official answer which will be send back to the manager and after his approval the answer will be send to the creator.

In the image below you see an example of the RFI workflow with 1 reviewer level.
In this example the RFI workflow is defined between subcontractor, contractor and architect. But in BIM 360 Docs you can choose any member(s) for each of the RFI roles.

Docs - RFI - Workflow
This RFI configuration can be done within Project Admin > RFI:

Docs - RFI - Configure


Before the RFI workflow could be configured between predefined group of persons meaning that each role was considered as a whole. So if an RFI was created, all members with a RFI manager role would receive an email. After approving the RFI was send to all members wit the Reviewer role. It was always a linear and limited process.

But in real life projects a RFI needs to be send once to the architect but another time to the engineer. So for every new RFI we need to choose the Manager and also the Reviewer.


Now this is possible!

As an example let’s start with these RFI roles:

Docs - RFI - Example Configuration

When in this example the subcontractor is creating a RFI, instead of sending the RFI to all managers, the creator can choose between manager names and choose the appropriate one.

Docs - RFI - Assigned To

In this case only Johan will receive the RFI by email or he can find it in the RFI tab within docs:

Docs - RFI - RFI List

He can select the RFI and approve it by changing the status to “Open”:

docs - RFI - Approve

At that moment Docs will show all people that have the “Reviewer” role. In our case the RFI has been configured with 2 companies “Datech Benelux” and “ArchiDesign”. So Docs is showing here all the people from both companies. Now the manager can choose the person who is in the project responsible for the type of question formulated in the RFI.

Docs - RFI - Approve by manager

After that the workflow stays the same. The answer of the reviewer will be send back to the manager who can approve (but also deny) it so that the answer will be send to the creator.

For me it is very important that we now have the possibility to really route the RFI depending on the question and depending on who is responsible for this question.



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