Revit: Copy details from one view to another

Copying model elements from one view to another (e.g. from one floor plan to another level’s floor plan,) is easy: just use “Copy” and “Paste”.

You use the same procedure when you want to copy details from one view to another.

But what if the destination view is not a copy of the first one but actually a view looking at other elements but still with the same shape.

For example:
I have 2 detail views for different foundation piles. They are from the same type and have the same shape but they are different instances.

Copy details.PNG

In the view at the bottom right I already prepared some dimensions and a tag. In reality this can be a view with a lot of detail items and some of them are referencing the model elements (in my example the dimensions are drawn on the foundation element).

When I copy/paste all the detail elements to the other view I will get an error.

Details - Copy - Interface Details - Paste- Interface

Details - Error

This error is just because the “Paste” function tries initially to paste the elements on their original location which is not visible because it is outside of the crop region of the destination view.

The solution is to deactivate the crop region before pasting.

Details - Deactivate crop region

When you now paste you’re selecting, the problem is that you only see green lines as the extents of your selection and you don’t know where you need to click to paste the details at the right spot.

Details - Paste - Extents

What I always do is to click any point next to where I really want to have my objects.
In this case I’m selecting a point at the left side.Details - Paste

Two things are happening right now. Firstly, Revit will not only paste the selected detail elements but will also create ghost objects for those objects that are referenced by my details. As you can see in the image the original floor and foundations are also temporarily visible because the are referenced by the dimensions.

A second thing is that I now have functions in the ribbon that I can use to modify the elements BEFORE I really paste them. And one of these functions is “Move”.

DEtails - Paste - Functions

After selecting this “Move” command, still within the “Paste” function, I now can select a base point on my ghost objects and select a destination point on the foundation in my destination view.

Details - Move

Details - Terminate paste

After terminating the “Paste” command Revit will search for new reference objects for all the dimensions and tags in the selection. After doing so the ghost objects will be dropped as well.

Details - Result

This is an interesting workflow for a lot of situations where there is a lot of similarity between drawings: formwork drawings, rebar drawings, execution drawings, …

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