Navisworks: Detailed info for Compare

I’m a big fan of, a French-language blog of my French Autodesk colleagues. Always relevant and interesting posts.  On 17 January, for example, they placed a new post explaining the “Compare” function within Navisworks, where they give a nice overview how you can look at differences between 2 versions in a visual way. I … More Navisworks: Detailed info for Compare

Revit: Daylight Analysis

More and more Revit users are aware that they can optimize their building models using integrated analysis tools. One of them is Lighting analysis. The primary goal is that you a can easily evaluate the daylight access in your rooms (although you can also analyze artificial lighting with this technology). One of the new features … More Revit: Daylight Analysis

Revit: Warning: Default Center-To-Center positioning will be used

There are several ways to link a geo-referenced drawing (like one from Civil 3D). You can start a new Revit project, link the DWG, move/rotate it in place and then you could use “Acquire Coordinates” to move the Revit’s survey point to the origin of the DWG. But what if you already configured the shared … More Revit: Warning: Default Center-To-Center positioning will be used