Revit: Calculate the correct volumes

When you create a material take off you can add a “Volume” parameter and a “Material:Volume” parameter. The “Volume” parameter is reporting the volume of the complete family, the “Material: Volume” is reporting the volume per material used in the family. But this is not exactly true… Let’s look at the following example: A simple … More Revit: Calculate the correct volumes

Revit: Daylight Analysis

More and more Revit users are aware that they can optimize their building models using integrated analysis tools. One of them is Lighting analysis. The primary goal is that you a can easily evaluate the daylight access in your rooms (although you can also analyze artificial lighting with this technology). One of the new features … More Revit: Daylight Analysis

Revit 2018: hidden improvement for floors and roofs

A lot of users are not using every physical layer in compound objects like walls, floors and roofs. Plaster is a good example. While some will add plaster in their wall definitions as a finish layer to get accurate room area’s and material takeoffs, others won’t because the plaster layer is too thin and this would cause … More Revit 2018: hidden improvement for floors and roofs