Revit: use Pantone colors

A very small tip and tric …. For an architect and certainly for an internal architect, the choice of colors is very important. And often I see that it is not always easy for everybody to choose the right color by mixing RGB or HSL values. These people are used to work with standardized colors … More Revit: use Pantone colors


Desktop Connector: This folder is empty or All children names must be unique

By installing the Autodesk Desktop Connector ( together with the BIM 360 Plugin (get it on the same page), a folder is created in your Windows environment replicating the BIM 360 Docs projects in which you are invited. But even when you are invited in Docs projects you can get this message when opening this … More Desktop Connector: This folder is empty or All children names must be unique

Revit: Calculate the correct volumes

When you create a material take off you can add a “Volume” parameter and a “Material:Volume” parameter. The “Volume” parameter is reporting the volume of the complete family, the “Material: Volume” is reporting the volume per material used in the family. But this is not exactly true… Let’s look at the following example: A simple … More Revit: Calculate the correct volumes

Navisworks: Detailed info for Compare

I’m a big fan of, a French-language blog of my French Autodesk colleagues. Always relevant and interesting posts.  On 17 January, for example, they placed a new post explaining the “Compare” function within Navisworks, where they give a nice overview how you can look at differences between 2 versions in a visual way. I … More Navisworks: Detailed info for Compare